Changes coming soon!

I am very excited to continue working on this site.  Expect a finessed, updated biography soon as well as more pictures, recordings and additional information!  And not only that, hopefully updated of auditions, notifications as well as upcoming performances.  Exciting!

I hope to use this blog mainly as a resource for myself but hopefully provide information so if people are reading this, they can learn the upward struggle I will hopefully detail to get to where I want to be:  a consistently working professional opera singer, performing everywhere possible!  So I hope you enjoy all my frustrations, auditions, successes and failures as I try to share them all!

So far this year I have learned to really appreciate the little things when it comes to singing and performing.  Not being in school any longer and consistently performing, I don’t have the opportunity to get onstage as much as I’d like (the competition is fierce as Tyra Banks says).  Lately I feel like the only performing I have done is nervewracking auditions, where I regret every decision I have made afterwards.  So with each audition I have learned to take it slow, learn from each one in a positive way and try not to let it get to me.  So far it’s working!  My first two auditions of the New Year were very successful to me.  I feel like I really sang with my true voice and didn’t let the nerves get to me.  So here is to the ultimate goal of feeling good, no matter what!  That’s why I got into this crazy gig in the first place!!