Le Chiavi di Bel Canto

I have the privilege of being a part of this summer program right now in Houston, Texas.  It is a big focus on bel canto music, the history, acting and technical ability through classes, coaching, lessons and performances!  We just began the program today with a “sing-off”.  I had the opportunity to hear some amazing, fabulous voices with LOTS of potential.  So excited for what’s to come!

Most of all I am excited to work with Nova Thomas and Ted Taylor again, after being able to work with them at the CoOPERAtive Program in 2008.  They are such amazing minds and people, I can’t wait to delve into this repertoire with them.  I am also so grateful to Ms. Melanie Sonnenberg, one of the co-chairs, who is so exciting to work with!  I love her energy and enthusiasm.  I will keep updates on what is to come!

I must say the most entertaining thing is that I am living in a dorm room and feel like I started college again.  I hope I make some friends!  🙂