Working on my campaign!

Hello all!

As you can see I was so inspired by Le Chiavi, but unfortunately I did not continue my posts on the subject.  However, other great things have happened to me in the meantime.  I have been accepted to OperaWorks Winter Intensive in January and am currently working on trying to raise the funds to go there with the website  They are a fantastic website and even though I created this campaign only a few days ago, I have already raised 6% of my funds!  Hey, that’s something, right?  So please check out my campaign and let me know what you think.  Please support because if we all support each other we can really get somewhere in this world.  Support this opera singer and you’ll be supporting the creative artist in you that is really going for every opportunity!!!!

Please go to my Link Page and click on the Link: Opera Career Development. Then peruse my page and support this campaign!

Best wishes!