Upcoming Performances 2015

Greetings! Just wanted to update the calendar with my performance this week of La Cesca in Gianni Schicchi with Waffle Opera (March 14 at 8 p.m. and March 15 at 2 p.m.).  March 15th is sold out, so get your tickets to Saturday if you can!

The next performance is the Baroness von Krakenfeldt in The Grand Duke with Lamplighters Theatre.  I am excited for my first time performing with the company.  Performances are the end of April and beginning of May in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and Mountain View!

Another upcoming performance is Ganymede in My Fair Galatea with Pocket Opera.  Performances with be Sunday matinees at the end of May, beginning of June.  More information will be up in my calendar!

Hope to see you there!!!

Working on my campaign!

Hello all!

As you can see I was so inspired by Le Chiavi, but unfortunately I did not continue my posts on the subject.  However, other great things have happened to me in the meantime.  I have been accepted to OperaWorks Winter Intensive in January and am currently working on trying to raise the funds to go there with the website http://www.indiegogo.com.  They are a fantastic website and even though I created this campaign only a few days ago, I have already raised 6% of my funds!  Hey, that’s something, right?  So please check out my campaign and let me know what you think.  Please support because if we all support each other we can really get somewhere in this world.  Support this opera singer and you’ll be supporting the creative artist in you that is really going for every opportunity!!!!

Please go to my Link Page and click on the Link: Opera Career Development. Then peruse my page and support this campaign!

Best wishes!

Le Chiavi di Bel Canto


I have the privilege of being a part of this summer program right now in Houston, Texas.  It is a big focus on bel canto music, the history, acting and technical ability through classes, coaching, lessons and performances!  We just began the program today with a “sing-off”.  I had the opportunity to hear some amazing, fabulous voices with LOTS of potential.  So excited for what’s to come!

Most of all I am excited to work with Nova Thomas and Ted Taylor again, after being able to work with them at the CoOPERAtive Program in 2008.  They are such amazing minds and people, I can’t wait to delve into this repertoire with them.  I am also so grateful to Ms. Melanie Sonnenberg, one of the co-chairs, who is so exciting to work with!  I love her energy and enthusiasm.  I will keep updates on what is to come!

I must say the most entertaining thing is that I am living in a dorm room and feel like I started college again.  I hope I make some friends!  🙂

Changes coming soon!

I am very excited to continue working on this site.  Expect a finessed, updated biography soon as well as more pictures, recordings and additional information!  And not only that, hopefully updated of auditions, notifications as well as upcoming performances.  Exciting!

I hope to use this blog mainly as a resource for myself but hopefully provide information so if people are reading this, they can learn the upward struggle I will hopefully detail to get to where I want to be:  a consistently working professional opera singer, performing everywhere possible!  So I hope you enjoy all my frustrations, auditions, successes and failures as I try to share them all!

So far this year I have learned to really appreciate the little things when it comes to singing and performing.  Not being in school any longer and consistently performing, I don’t have the opportunity to get onstage as much as I’d like (the competition is fierce as Tyra Banks says).  Lately I feel like the only performing I have done is nervewracking auditions, where I regret every decision I have made afterwards.  So with each audition I have learned to take it slow, learn from each one in a positive way and try not to let it get to me.  So far it’s working!  My first two auditions of the New Year were very successful to me.  I feel like I really sang with my true voice and didn’t let the nerves get to me.  So here is to the ultimate goal of feeling good, no matter what!  That’s why I got into this crazy gig in the first place!!